Auto Picture Tagging by ALIPR

ALIPR Auto Tagging

Geeks at Penn State University have come up with a tagging method to add text to photos automatically. The algorithm is called the Automatic Linguistic Indexing of Pictures – Real Time system or ALIPR for short (pronounced like caliper, without the ‘c’).

ALIPR is based on a statistical algorithm that annotates images automatically and quickly, adding text to online images based on pictorial content. Taking only half a second to process, ALIPR tags an image with 15 words out of a possible 322-word vocabulary, while allowing users to add their own descriptions.

Its developers said ALIPR could potentially eliminate the need to physically add keywords to entire collections. ALIPR could allow users to share their tagged photos in a database and could even be further used in biomedical data collection.

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Published by Chris Malinao

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