33 Megapixel Sinarback eVolution 75H

Sinarback eVolution 75H

Sinar has published product details of the Sinarback eVolution 75H, which was announced previously at the Photokina 2006 in Germany.

The Sinarback eVolution 75H, succeeds the 54H, is developed jointly by Sinar and Jenoptik. The 75H is touted to be the high-end solution for all studio tasks

With 33 million pixels resolution, it not only guarantees optimal picture quality and color reproduction, but also allows you to take full advantage of the time, cost and coordination benefits of digital workflow, according to Sinar.

Sinarback eVolution 75H has been designed without components such as display, controls and memory, allowing for maximum transfer rates, higher speeds and outstanding image quality. The Firewire 800 interface ensures a faster live image.

The Sinarback eVolution 75H digital studio back will be available in the second quarter of 2007.

[Via: EyeLike.de]

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