Zen Green Tea Liqueur Launches Zen Photo Contest

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Zen Green Tea Liqueur

How do you express the Zen philosophy in a photograph? That, in essence is the aim of this new photo contest to be launched today by the makers of Zen Green Tea Liqueur.

They are looking for a photograph that will be a modern expression of the Zen philosophy. “What is Zen?” contest begins August 13th and will run through December 15th.

Zen is often described as vitality and the ability to see things as they really are. This philosophy embraces the principle of opposing but complimentary forces called Yin-Yang: Yin, is seen as the tranquil, receptive, dark force, while Yang is the creative, energetic, bright, active force.

In the “What is Zen?” contest, the sponsors ask consumers to submit photographs that convey both a positive, uplifting interpretation of their subject matter while, like Zen, maintaining serenity and balance. The winning photograph will be a modern expression of the Zen philosophy and one that demonstrates both passive and active forces in a stylish and exciting way.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a weeklong trip for two to Japan.

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Published by Chris Malinao

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