Why Will Apple Buy Adobe?

Apple & Adobe Logos

Bob Cringely over at The Pulpit wrote, “Folks a lot smarter than I have wondered over the years about potential Apple mergers and acquisitions driven by Steve’s bloodlust. Apple-Disney, Apple-Google, Apple-TiVo, even Apple-Sun come to mind, but the only one that makes any sense to me at all is Apple-Adobe.”

Then he went on to explain why, for very different reasons, Apple-Google and Apple-Disney are not likely to happen.

“What I DO see happening is Apple buying Adobe, which would give it effective dominance of digital content creation and distribution on a global scale. Bruce Chizen suddenly stepped down as Adobe’s CEO without warning: why? A caretaker CEO (my characterization — no slight intended) is in place,” Bob opines.

[Via: PBS.org]

Published by Chris Malinao

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