Broncolor Introduces Mobil A2R Power Pack

Broncolor Mobil A2R Power Pack

Swiss lighting specialist Broncolor has developed a new portable battery-operated power pack, the Mobil A2R with 1200 J flash output and higher capacity.

The unit weighs about 9 kg and has sufficient power for around 130 flashes at full output and normal recharging time, or about 170 flashes on slow charging. At minimum power output and without modeling light it can release 2000 flashes, according to Broncolor.

Charging time is approximately 2.9 seconds at full power output. Without flash release, the unit is automatically switched off after a selectable delay time to prolong the battery life.

The ‘R’ in its name means it has a built-in radio receiver for wireless flash release up to a distance of 300m.

[Via: Bron Elektronik AG]

Published by Chris Malinao

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