The Prince of Cheap launches new website and get published!

The Prince of Cheap is Back!!!

I’m not dead! I’m not dead!
I’m back and I’m smarter than ever people! I’ve got tons of new tools to talk about and some oh my God techniques to teach you that are sure to make some people upset! But the best way to tell you is to show you! I’ve got some new images all hot off the harddrive and are commin at ya to inspire the heck out of you! I have some of the coolest new projects underway that are sure to inspire you off right off of the computer and right into the field for some serious testing!

I came back out of the lab to let you know that my new work has just been featured on the newly redesigned website (a 3 year old mens fashion magazine with all intentions and promises to get bigger and better!).

Heres the link to the spread.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me also be the first to tell you… I’ve finally launched my website. There I’ll be releasing lighting tutorials there along with new ones here for! There I’ll have tons of NEW and innovative stuff to teach you what you need to know to get that technical edge to improve your photography and get to the all-elusive “Next Level” I will also keep you guys up to date on my soon to return (and be a regular series) “Monster Lighting Tactics Workshop Series” and much much more! Check it out! Where are the photographs you ask? Now, what would a post from me David Griffin – The Prince of Cheap be with out some kind of photograph to get your creative juices flowing!

David Griffin

Ohh, I forgot to mention, I have some new cheap tools to review like a 24x24inch softbox with grid for only $35, how bout a 400 watt flash for only $180.00 complete with shippin, how bout a $49 beauty dish thats NOT DIY!!! In fact, my NEXT POST will tell you how I created this image and several others that made it into my SuavvMagazine style spread (and yes it involves an El Cheapo beautydish!)!!! Stay Tuned!

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