Tamron Announces Photo Tilt Winners

Beveridge Photo

Tamron has announced the winners of their “It’s a Wild World” 2006 Photo Contest, which received over a thousand entries from all over the US. The contest was open to any original photograph prominently including an animal, wild or domestic, that was taken with a Tamron lens.

The Grand Prize went to John Beveridge of Austin, Texas for his compelling and amusing shot of a three-toed box turtle wandering through a field of bluebonnets. “Getting this ants-eye view of the turtle wasn’t easy,” notes Beveridge. “I’m sure I must have looked slightly ridiculous wiggling around in a patch of dirt on the side of the highway as I followed this cute critter with my Canon EOS 20D fitted with a Tamron SP 28-75mm f/2.8 Di lens. Finally I got the composition I wanted when the turtle craned his neck and peered at me, and I shot the winning picture at about 70mm at f/5.6 at 1/200 sec.” Beveridge took home a Tamron AF18-200mm Di-II lens as his prize.

The other winners were: Susan Smith of San Diego who entered a charming close-up photo of Emma, her pet African Ringneck parrot taken on her perch in the family room; and Don Johnson of Gaithersburg, Maryland who photographed Kenny, the happy baboon, at the Phoenix, Arizona zoo while he was on a business trip.

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