In this BONUS edition of LightSource, Bill and Ed talk with Urs Recher, product development advisor and internal advertising photographer for Broncolor. Urs discusses his lighting philosphy, how he uses the Broncolor line of lighting equipment and the topics of his lectures on lighting.


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Special Guest:

Urs Recher, product development advisor and internal advertising photographer.

Urs Recher

Urs Recher started his career in an advertising studio in Basel, Switzerland, before setting up his own studio in 1995. In 1998 Urs Recher joined Broncolor as head of the company’s internal studio and technical adviser. Mr. Recher is responsible for all of Bron’s internal advertising photography, product testing and development, as well as the company’s worldwide workshop and seminar program.

Urs was featured in the September/October 2006 edition of Digital Photo Pro magazine in an article entitled Perfect Light.

Urs will be in New York at Calumet on November 21st for a seminar entitled “Creative Lighting Workshops for Beauty and Fashion Photography Using Broncolor Gear”.

Urs Recher Photos

LightSource Episode 29 (Interview Series) [40:58 minutes]



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Special Guest Urs Recher discusses:

  • Getting started in photography
  • The two parts of a good photo
  • Learning to break the rules
  • Producing emotion with your image
  • Judging a photo with your eyes
  • Using the Para FB
  • Using a ringflash as a main and fill light
  • The difference that high end lighting gear can make
  • What he considers essential studio gear for the beginner
  • Lighting for classic portraiture versus fashion
  • Not using a light meter
  • The Broncolor lectures on light
  • Producing a shine on skin tones

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