Sony & Sandisk Jointly Develop Memory Stick Pro-HG

Memory Stick Pro-HG

Sandisk and Sony are working together to develop a new memory card format that will give 3 times the speed and up to 32GB of storage compared with what’s available at present. No, it won’t make it for Christmas as PB enthusiastically claims; its release is scheduled for next year.

Sony and Sandisk are calling the new card the Memory Stick PRO-HG; the new media format uses an enhanced, 8-bit parallel interface in addition to a conventional serial and 4-bit parallel interface to deliver high performance and high capacity.

The Memory Stick PRO-HG has a maximum data transfer rate of 480Mbps, three times faster than Sony’s present Memory Stick Pro media. At this speed, several gigabytes of data can be quickly transferred. This will also allow real-time recording of high-resolution video and still images directly onto the memory card.

[Via: PhotographyBLOG]

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