Aftermath Project Announces First Winners

Aftermath Project

The Aftermath Project, which aims to highlight the consequences and cost of war through photographic documentaries, has announced it first winners.

The top prize of $20,000 goes to Jim Goldberg of San Francisco so he can pursue his “The New Europeans,” a project which looks at migrants who settle in Europe, with human rights issues documented in their plight from their countries of origin.

Wolf Böwig of Hannover, Germany, will get $15,000 to continue his “The Forgotten Island: Narratives of War in Sierra Leone.”

Three other finalists were cited: Andrew Stanbridge of Boston proposed documenting people affected by the reconstruction in Laos; Asim Rafiqui, a Kasmiri photographer who lives in Stockholm, Sweden, proposed documenting the effects of war in Kashmir; and Paula Luttringer, an Argentinean photographer who lives in Breville, France, proposed a survey of locations in Argentina where mothers of missing children were abducted between 1976 and 1983.

The Aftermath Project is a nonprofit organization that supports coverage of rebuilding, recovery and healing after a conflict, seeking to inform people of the cost of war. The grants are funded in part by a series of benefit auctions.

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