Sigma Officially Bares the DP2: Promises Compact Size, DSLR Power

Sigma DP2 Compact Camera

The rumoured large-sensor Sigma DP2 compact is now a reality, with the official word from Sigma saying that, indeed, the new camera will have 14 megapixels, the same magnificent Foveon X3 sensor as the DP1 before it, but with a longer 41mm zoom lens compared with the DP1’s 28mm. The lens is also one stop faster: f/2.8 instead of f/4.

The other new feature in the DP2 is the True II image processing engine currently featured in the new Sigma SD15 DSLR that’s supposed to offer improved processing speed, operation and performance.

Sigma said the size of the image sensor used in the DP2 camera is 20.7mm x 13.8mm. It is approximately seven to twelve times larger than the 1/1.8inch to 1/2.5inch image sensors used in ordinary compact digital cameras.

The Sigma DP2 is currently on display at the company’s booth at Photokina 2008 in Germany.

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