Lighting automobiles

I’m very much interested in your forum. I think it’s a great that you are willing to help fellow photographers in their work, I think you’ve done a great deed.

I’m very much interested in Car Photography and also Home Interior Photography because of their challenging lighting aspects (it doesn’t mean that I’m an advanced photographer).

My question is that does it make any difference of shooting toy car table top to shooting real car in a studio? I mean can I still using the same tungsten lamps (as many as it takes) in a very very big homemade soft box to shoot real cars?

How do I to make a very big seamless paper? Do I have to use it?

Do I have to use film for the real shoot or can I stick to the digital camera? What kind of digital camera that I have to have? What kind of lens should I have?

Thank you just the same for your kind attention.


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