Dimensions of a home studio

Hey Guys, just found your podcast/site and so far am enjoying it.

One thing that I just can’t seem to find enough about on the web is information on a home studio. I am blessed enough to have the means to build a studio in my house. If you guys could build a studio in your house, with either unlimited space, or confined space, how would you go about it?

What dimensions would you want?

Looking forward to either a podcast, or direct feedback…


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2 thoughts on “Dimensions of a home studio

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    Thanks for the compliment.

    Being able to build a studio into your home is a great opportunity! If it were me, I would want a room with a huge wall of windows and maybe even windows overhead for natural light photography. Then, in a separate space, I would want a long room (20 plus feet) with high ceilings (10 feet or more) for clearance of lighting equipment. This room would have no windows and color neutral walls and ceiling. The long room would allow me to use long lenses and separate the subject from the background in order to get great looking depth of field. Having good width of that space, to me, is less of an issue as I do not shoot very large groups or large objects. I would also consider building a powder room just off of the studio for doing/checking makeup and taking short breaks. If you are starting from scratch, make sure you have plenty of power outlets and a wide enough door to get props and furniture in an out easily.

    This topic is a great one to talk about. Ed and I discussed home studios in LightSource Episode 003. You might also get some tips from the Home Studio article here on StudioLighting.net.

    Have a great time and don’t forget to share the photos!

  2. Renee

    This was a great guestion and is really helpful. I have a 13 x 11 foot room in my house with a four windows facing the west. I’m just starting to shoot indoors and I’m using this room, but it’s not the best room at 4 pm b/c it’s hot and the light is bright.

    However, I’m planning to add-on to my carport. The area would be 16×38 and it would access a full bathroom/powder room that already exsist. I was planning on making the ceiling 10′ also, but I was concerned about adding to much natural light b/c you can not always control natural light and somedays you don’t have enougth natural light!!!With that being said I purchased 2 strobes, a 3×5 soft box, and a white umbella for fill light.

    I’ve never understood light but it took me purchasing the eguipement to learn what I know (which is not much at this time). Very much a hands on person and a visual learner. I figure what do I have to lose, I’m almost 40 and it was always my dream to go to art school. But now I have a beautiful daughter (15) and adorable son (11) that are my subjects.

    Love the information.


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