Hasselblad Makes New Lens Affordable at $7000

Hasselblad HCD 4-5.6/35-90mm Aspherical Zoom Lens

The new Hasselblad HCD 4-5.6/35-90mm Aspherical zoom lens will be offered at “a far more affordable price” — $7,000 – when it becomes available beginning January 2009. In Europe, that’s about €4,990 or £3,695 without tax.

Hasselblad says the new lens is “aimed at those high-end 35mm DSLR users who are increasingly looking to buy into the superior quality offered by a Hasselblad H3DII DSLR.”

Another feature of the HCD 4-5.6/35-90mm lens is that it is also thinner and about one third lighter, while still delivering an image quality far superior to a zoom lens on a 35mm DSLR, without any loss in the flexibility, according to the company.

Christian Poulsen, Hasselblad’s Chief Executive Officer, comments, “As well as providing existing customers with the finest photographic instruments to create the finest digital photographs, we’re also obviously eager to help new customers, who feel they are reaching the limit of the image quality of 35mm DSLRs, to move up to a Hasselblad and experience the full range of additional benefits provided by the medium format DSLR. We’ve therefore significantly reduced the prices of our H3DII camera systems to make them more attractive and financially viable propositions and are introducing accessories, such as the new zoom lens, to appeal to the high-end 35mm user.”

[Via: Hasselblad]

Published by Chris Malinao

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