Fujifilm Introduces Labelflash DVD Media to U.S. Market

Fujifilm Labelflash DVD Media

Fujifilm says Labelflash recordable discs are now available in the U.S. The discs, in 16x DVD-R format, allow users to create their own labels on the disc without using any printer.

The user simply flips the disc over after recording data onto the media and re-inserts it into the Labelflash-compliant DVD drive with the label side facing down and, in as little as five minutes the drive’s optical laser beam inscribes a monochromatic blue and silver image 0.6mm deep into the disc, producing an attractive, high-quality image that will last for years.

The technology is being introduced in the U.S. market with select models of the new Toshiba Satellite A205/P205 Notebook computer series. It was developed jointly by Yamaha Corporation and Fujifilm Corporation.

[Site: Fujifilm.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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