Fujifilm BIGJOB HD-3W Rugged Camera

Fujifilm has announced their latest BIGJOB HD-3W rugged camera, intended for tough usage in the construction industry, or anywhere else rough: a sandy beach, freezing snow, watery park or even shooting in the rain.

The HD-3W promises to withstand all these conditions with its ruggedized build. It’s got seals in the right places to protect it from water and dust, plus tough rubber exterior to cushion it from the rough-and-tumble. It can withstand a drop of 70cm, or about the height from your pant pockets.

It even looks like a good camera: 6 megapixels, 3X optical zoom, large LCD screen, and up to ISO 1600. The HD-3W has 23MB of internal memory, but you’d want to use its xD slot for more storage space because it can also record 30fps VGA movies.

Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W

Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W

[Via: AkihabaraNews]

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