DraganFlyer X4 Camera Chopper Now Available

DraganFlyer X4 Camera Chopper Now Available

The new DraganFlyer X4 from Air2Air is now available for purchase in the United Kingdom. The X4 is a small helicopter for unmanned aerial photography, capable of taking high definition pictures and video.

The X4 follows successful launch of the DraganFlyer X6 last September 2009. The company said the new DraganFlyer X4 uses a quad rotor design to offer flight stability and control while capturing images and video.

Its radio control technology allows the DraganFlyer X4 to be piloted remotely and an advanced autopilot feature is available to offer flight support when needed. With a payload of 250g, the X4 includes four interchangeable camera attachments including infra-red and low light video cameras, as well as a top end 12.1MP camera capable of 720P video and Micro Analog Board Camera that can capture a range of stunning aerial imagery and video to suit all needs.

[Site: DraganFly.com]

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