Deke McClelland’s “Photoshop CS2: Mastering Camera Raw”

Mastering Camera Raw by McClelland

If you’re a new DSLR owner or you just want to understand and benefit from shooting with the RAW format, there’s a new book you can turn to. has just released its “Photoshop CS2: Mastering Camera Raw,” authored by best-selling technology writer Deke McClelland. This will teach you key principles and techniques for mastering raw photography using the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in. From shooting, converting, and organizing raw files to developing and finalizing images using specialized commands, each capability of the Camera Raw plug-in is covered in depth.

The RAW image, which is the digital equivalent of a large-format negative, allows photographers to have greater artistic control and flexibility during the image-editing process, while still maintaining the integrity of the original raw file. Understanding RAW opens a whole lot of artistic and technical possibilities to the new photographer.

Quips Lynda Weinman, CEO of, “The future of digital photography lies in the raw format. As cameras and computers become powerful enough to support this highest-resolution format, digital photographers will need to learn new skills. There’s no better guide to this new frontier than best-selling Photoshop author Deke McClelland.” Amen.

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