Bogen Conducts Another Online Seminar About Tripods

Bogen Online Seminar

Bogen Imaging is conducting another online seminar next Friday, June 27, this time it’s titled “Selecting the Right Tripod and Head.” It held an earlier web seminar last June 6 on “How to Overcome 5 Common Problems When Shooting Outdoors.”

The June 27 seminar will explore some common techniques on selecting the right tripod and head combination. The speakers – David Fisher, Bogen Imaging’s Gitzo product manager, and Will Holowka, Bogen Imaging’s Manfrotto product manager – will also share tips on how to setup, transport, and maintain one’s rig.

Topics for discussion include:

• How to determine your needs based on your equipment
• How to determine the true strength of a tripod
• Exploring Carbon Fiber: Beyond “lighter & stronger”
• Tips for carrying, setting up, and maintaining your rig
• Different styles call for different setups

Participants can ask questions and will also get a chance to win one of two prizes, a Manfrotto tripod and head or a Gitzo tripod and head.

[Site: Bogen USA]

Published by Chris Malinao

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