Wuala, LaCie Team Up for Cloud Storage Service

Wuala, LaCie Team Up for Cloud Storage Service

Swiss online storage provider Wuala and French storage device maker LaCie have teamed up to develop what is billed as a revolutionary cloud storage service, “a reliable and secure cloud storage by integrating millions of devices around the world.” Wuala is developed and run by Caleido Inc., a start-up based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Since its launch in August 2008, the Wuala application has gained a substantial following from users who have adopted the software as a central hub for managing files online because it’s secure and easy to use. LaCie will provide the hardware for the cloud storage service.

The cloud storage concept simply makes use of the Internet (“cloud”) to enable storage in computers anywhere in the world, concealing the complex infrastructure behind it, but making it available to users who need not have knowledge or expertise in the technology.

“While other cloud operators invest in huge data centers consuming megawatts for powering servers and cooling them, Wuala builds its reliable and secure cloud storage by harnessing idle resources at the edge of the Internet,” explains Luzius Meisser, co-founder and CTO of Caleido AG. “This has many advantages for the end user and results in a product that unites the fast access of local storage with the convenience of online storage, namely secure off-site backups, and sharing and collaborating with friends, family, co-workers and even external partners due to our right management system.”

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