LSS002 Hands – LightSource Shorts Assignment

Welcome to LightSource Shorts – our new series of photo assignments.

Assignment LSS002 topic: “Hands”

Take a good look at your or at someone’s hands. What can they tell you ? age, emotion, occupation …

  • We are looking for conceptual images (no “Snapshots”)
  • Be creative with light, composition or even compositing
  • Images have to be taken after May 5th, 2008
  • This assignments deadline: June 15th, 2008

*Special credit* if you’re using a single light lighting!!!

How to submit:
We will be taking submissions to the assignment in our LightSource Flickr Group photo pool:

  1. Upload your image to your flickr account (please submit only one image)
  2. Tag your image with the following 3 tags:
    • lightsource
    • LSS002
    • Hands
  3. Add your image to the LightSource flickr group pool.

Once the deadline has passed, we will be creating a gallery of the images and posting it here. We will also be choosing an image for which to award the photographer with an autographed memory card case and a Seagate 4GB CF Photo Hard Drive!

Please feel free to discuss this assignment in the LightSource flickr group here: