WildCharger for RAZR Now Out of the Gate

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WildCharger for RAZR

The first WildCharger is ready now for the market, and the wild thingy is priced at $90.

While the picture above shows the Motorola Razr in bed with the iPod nano, the first WildCharger is really just for the Razr; the one for the nano will shortly follow.

And look, the company blurb says it’s a wire-free system but there’s a wire that connects the WildCharger to the electric outlet, and the instruction for charging the Razr says you have to remove the phone’s back-cover and place the RAZR adapter in its stead, then connect the charging arm to the phone’s power port.

Makes me wonder, isn’t the present system easier and simpler?

[Site: WildCharge.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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