Shootout: Canon EOS 400D vs Nikon D80 vs Sony Alpha 100

EOS 400D D80 Alpha 100

And the winner is: Nikon D80 … Applause!!! (Pause for a while to digest that.)

Nikon’s D80 digital SLR decisively edged out both Canon’s EOS 400D (a.k.a. Rebel XTi) and Sony’s Alpha 100 in a group test conducted by photography website Camera Labs.

“The Nikon D80 is arguably the best camera of the three. It beats the 400D / XTi and A100 in almost every respect, sporting superior design and build quality, the biggest, brightest viewfinder, more sophisticated AF, greater customization and a secondary status screen which many will find easier to read in bright light,” the reviewers said, but quickly added that the D80 is also more expensive.

In its summary, Camera Labs pointed out that all three cameras are excellent DSLR’s and choice ultimately rests on what you want in a camera. The Canon 400D/XTi is the smallest and lightest at a great price, the Nikon D80 has good build quality and takes great pictures but costs more, and the Alpha 100 is the most affordable of them all.

Don’t be bothered by our ranking in the photos above; that’s just our own ranking. We only happen to agree with Camera Labs that the Nikon D80 is number One.

Read’s full report here.

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3 thoughts on “Shootout: Canon EOS 400D vs Nikon D80 vs Sony Alpha 100

  1. Tony

    I get a touch miffed with the “price difference” being quoted when comparing the D80 with the 400D.
    If you see it from my point of view, the 400D is too small for normal adult male hands and, as was with the 350D, the best solution to this was, “get a grip”.
    Ask any 350D owner and they either had, or wanted to get, the BGE-3. Cost that into the 400D equation and you realise, barring optics, there is virtally no difference in price.

  2. chris

    good point, tony. that clobbers the d400 even more. it’s a good camera, though. it’s just that nikon saw it coming and trumped it with the excellent d80.