PixSense: One Click Photo Transfer from Your Mobile Phone to the Internet

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I’m still trying to make sense of what PixSense is trying to offer. Maybe it’s because their patent to the technology is still pending that’s why in the meantime we get hyperboles about what it can do.

PixSense claims that in one click, their “users get effortless media-uploading, smart categorization, intelligent image quality enhancement, personal publishing and sharing services, unlimited lifetime storage, and a full-featured Web and phone gallery.”

That’s a mouthful, of course; a mouthful of nothing. But in essence I think they’re trying to say that they can overcome mobile phone carriers’ limitations on photo uploading by reducing media files by as much as 85% without losing much quality so users can share photos from their cellphones to the Internet. In one click? I doubt it (how many million times did I tell you not to exaggerate?)

PixSense is trying to sell their technology now to mobile phone carriers attending the 3GSM confab in Barcelona. Jump to the links below and try to make sense of their file compression-cum-photo sharing scheme.

[Site: PixSense.com]
[Via: CameraTown.com]

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2 thoughts on “PixSense: One Click Photo Transfer from Your Mobile Phone to the Internet

  1. chris

    Thanks for the invitation, Adnan. But I’m quite far right now from Barcelona, trying to coax some fish to bite my bait off some isle here in the Philippines. My point is quite simple really: get a good writer if you wish to be understood by your market and the public in general. I suspect you have a good product. It would be a pity if a good product is obscured by hyperbolic language. I wish the best for PixSense. – Chris Malinao