InPhase Holographic Disc Drives to Ship in July

InPhase Holographic Disc Drive

The first holographic disc drives – able to store 300GB of uncompressed data on a single platter – will ship in July this year. But it’s not for you and I. It’s for companies like Lockheed Martin, the US Geological Survey and Turner Broadcasting System.

“We’re not going to play in the backup market at all,” said Nelson Diaz, CEO of the holographic disc drive maker InPhase Technologies.

They’ll play to the archival market and they are pricing their HgDDs accordingly: $18,000 for the drive, $180 for the disc.

InPhase plans a second-generation 800GB optical disc by the end of next year, ramping this up to 1.6TB by 2010.

[Site: InPhase Tech]

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