Photojournalist Torsello Abducted in Afghanistan

Kash Gabriele Torsello

The poor guy! He was traveling by bus last Thursday between Helmand and Khandahar when armed men kidnapped him and his translator.

Freelance photojournalist Kash Gabriele Torsello is an Italian who has converted to Islam. But the unknown gunmen said he was a spy. The gunmen later released Torsello’s translator, Gholam Mohammad, but have not released the photojournalist. The armed abductors said they were with the Taliban.

But the Taliban denied this, saying they had nothing to do with criminal kidnappers. So far no demand for ransom has been received, nor any word yet from the abductors.

Torsello’s home base is London. He has been documenting the plight of the Afghan people living under the warring Taliban and the US-supported Afghan government.

Helmand is a danger zone in Afghanistan and two German journalists were shot dead in Northern Afghanistan last week

Let’s hope Torsello gets out of this one unharmed.

[Photo courtesy of Torsello’s own website]

[Via: AdelaideNow]

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