NYCLU Sues NYPD on Behalf of Photographers

New York Police Department’s ongoing behavior toward photographers has prompted New York Civil Liberties Union to expand a federal lawsuit. Even with publicity, lawsuits, and media focusing on the fact that photographs in public places are not an illegal act, the NYPD continues the harassment; detaining and even threaten photographers and filmmakers.

Not only is it not an illegal act, the photographers and filmmakers are suppose to be protected under the United States Constitution’s First Amendment. Maybe these officers have not heard about this protection or just don’t care. Police officials say the common complaint calls they receive on the department’s terrorism hotline involves photographers, and so they’re doing their duty to investigate accordingly.

Because of today’s discovery of a new terror threat against the United States it is not likely to make things any easier for those photographers on the streets.

Tod Maisel, a staff photographer for the New York Daily News, NPPA Region 2 Associate director and veteran at dealing with the NYPD, was atop the Brooklyn Bridge in response to news of a terror plot made against inbound U.S airliners.

Maisel says, “I’ve been called by members of the media and members of the public who have been getting arrested for ‘taking pictures’ and the charges are usually trumped up.”

You may read more on what was said at the NPPA website.

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