Moms with Cameras Launching into Photography Businesses

Mom with camera by J.R. Compton

The New York Times is featuring this article by Hannah Fairfield about mothers who have embarked on photography business careers, and doing quite well too, thank you.

With the growing popularity and ease of digital SLR cameras, many women are finding it quite natural to transition into the photography business. They usually start by photographing children at first as part-time ventures. Word of mouth spreads that they take good photos, then they invest in more gear for their budding photography businesses and they take off from there.

New York Times Photo by Max Schulte
Photo: Max Schulte, New York Times

Fairfield’s article outlines several successful moms who have gone into photography as a business: Natasha Cuevas, who at first just wanted to take photos of her own baby; Jodi Otte who prints her business card on complimentary photos of her clients’ children (knowing they’ll surely pass it along); Laura Brophy, who’s doing brisk business in high school senior portraits; and Lauren Dawson who has had a five-year part-time photo business in Dallas and now tapping into the children’s portrait market in her new home in Boston.

The Professional Photographers Association of America, in fact, created a retreat called “Chicks Who Click” in June in the Bahamas where some 250 women will meet to further define what it means to be a Mom with a Camera.

Top Photo: © J.R. Compton

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