Microsoft Introduces High-Res Webcam

Microsoft Introduces High-Res Webcam

The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema is the first consumer webcam on the PC to offer widescreen video with a native 720p sensor. It promises to deliver widescreen video capture at 16:9 aspect ratio.

Microsoft said LifeCam Cinema provides 720p high-definition video and features Auto Focus to keep video sharp from across the room all the way up to 4 inches from the webcam. Also launching with LifeCam Cinema is Microsoft’s ClearFrame Technology, which offers faster image processing technology to help deliver smooth video at any resolution and improved noise reduction technology to reduce image graininess and keep video sharp.

Hi-res video for the webcam? Will it not clog your bandwidth and slow down your computer? Of course it will, if you’re still using a slow computer and slow connection! Hey, what’s with you, boy? Still stuck with your old Windows Vista and Santa Rosa processor? It’s Windows 7 now with Quad Core Intels, and Microsoft wants you keep up with the times! There’s a whole industry out there who want you to spend, and spend some more!

LifeCam Cinema ($80) and LifeChat LX-1000 ($25) will be available in September.

[Site: Microsoft]

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