Low Cost Lighting Workshop!

The Prince of Cheap Here!

Just keeping you all up on top of some of the cool things out there that’ll help you on your photographic journey. As you know by now, I’m down with almost all things cheap affordable – well beat this… hows bout a $10 workshop!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! There is no way I can resist this people! The gang over at Smash Photo in Long Beach, California are holding a 2 hour workshop Thursday February 5th 2009! It all starts from 7pm to 9pm. Your damned right THE PRINCE OF CHEAP will be there!

Here’s some info from the Smash Photo website:

– Constant lighting and strobe lighting
-Proper equipment setup
– Choosing a light modifier [soft boxes, umbrellas, octoboxes, grids, barn doors and more]
– Reading a light meter
– White Balance
– ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed, Focus Point

Contact Smash Photo:
Phone: 310-807-5752


COST: $10

Location: 2176 Pacific Ave, Long Beach, California 90806

Published by David Griffin

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