Thorsten Ott Strikes Again… this time with a FREE VIDEO!

The Prince of Cheap here again! This time with a review of another lighting tutorial!


The master of the two light fashion shot Thorsten Ott has hit us with a free video update that promise to make you a sharp fashion shooter in no time… I stress the word gives (read on)!

Ott gives us an updated version of his popular video “Fashion and Glamor Lighting Techniques Revisited” In version 2.0 here the original information is still presented however to make it a worthy upgrade he adds over 30 minutes of new information that round out the video! BEST OF ALL… ITS FREE TO EVERYONE WHO PURCHASED THE ORIGINAL!!

What should you expect in this video: behind-the-scenes video footage of 20 individual images, additional 15 on-the-job images, complete lighting diagrams with commentary of all 35 images, lighting with only 1 & 2 lights, 12 Lighting Modifiers discussed, secrets to digital composite imaging and more!

For more information on this video check out our review of the original version.

After seeing this new version of the video I will say that without a doubt this version will ultimately remove the question mark inside the head of the new photographer that would like to get his start in fashion and glamour lighting but has only 1 or 2 strobes. The new material really finishes off the missing pieces. Ott goes a great length to show you how to use the natural light and a simple satin panel outdoors to produce a catalogue worthy image!

As a person that gravitates toward low cost solutions that work – I have to say that the additional material is worthy enough to draw in the newest photographer on the most modest of budgets! Once again Ott instills confidence in the beginner by only breaking out with a light meter and two (easily do-it-yourself) panels with satin to conquer the natural light in ways only seen in print and magazine ads! This alone MAKES it a worthy upgrade!

Immediately you will be able to use your single strobe and a panel and get marketable results. The only drawback is that if you have already purchased this video you have to ask yourself this question… will the 30 additional minutes of footage and additional diagrams be enough to warrant another $90? Or will more reading suffice and trips to be enough? How bout this… how bout Thorsten give it all to you for 100% free!!! That’s right, if you were one of the smart people who ordered the original video for $90 you get this upgraded content for absolutely free! You know The Prince of Cheap wont pass on that kind of sale!

Here’s the bottom line. Although I could only wish for even more raw video footage of Ott actually shooting I will admit it would probably be overkill but the additional 30 minutes of the video that he included to quench the thirst. Now, I have to go on ahead and grant this video the title of “Best Buy” on fashion lighting tutorial on a budget! If you already have the first video ;but, if you still would like to know how to use your strobe outside with daylight, get professional results in fashion photography outdoors, and learn killer secrets that will help you create digital composites that work… Get your free upgrade! If you don’t have the video or would like to do fashion photography… BUY THIS VIDEO!!

Go here to see a preview of the video and decide for yourself it you could use the tips from a 30 year seasoned pro!

Get excited people! I have some more great news. In an email response to a question I had about the video this is what good old Thorsten said,

I will be starting a video blog very soon and this will have me shooting with models. It will be completely behind-the-scene of me shooting on the set and how I work with models and the crew…a fly-on-the wall perspective. So the retail videos give the tools and lighting explanations, the blog will handle the “how I work” part. Its tough to balance it all and not loose the attention span of the audience.” – Thorsten Ott

Get ready for some awesome knowledge bombs!


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