David Ziser Presents Wedding Business Series

David Ziser

For those intending to go into the wedding photography business, pro photographer David Ziser has a useful post on his blog outlining what it takes to build a portfolio and effectively present it. Even if you don’t wish to cash in on your talent for taking photographs, there are bits here that can be useful to your hobby while learning how the pros do it.

In Part 1 of his Wedding Business Series, David describes the 11 ways to better portfolio development and presentation.

“A lot of these ideas come from my own 30 year studio experience and we still incorporate many of these practices in my business today,” David says.

Tip #1: Give it away for free. You accomplish two things here – the complimentary session is a great incentive for the client to book with you and at the same time you get fresh samples of your work…

[Via: David Ziser Blog]

Published by Chris Malinao

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