Hasselblad Raw Files Now Supported in Mac OS, But Says Own Software Still Better

Hasselblad Camera

Apple now supports Hasselblad 3FR raw files in the updated Mac OS X 10.5.2 version and Aperture 2. This means that Hasselblad raw files (3FR, FFF and DNG) will now be visible in Finder and able to be opened directly from popular applications such as Preview, iPhoto, and Aperture. An added benefit of the new OS X support is the creation of thumbnails for both FFF and 3FR files, enabling quick file inspection via Quick Look.

Hasselblad said Apple’s raw file processing is very fast, and delivers images with a generally high image quality, resulting in a level of image quality sufficient for standard application. The quality of the images produced, however, will not equal those processed via Hasselblad’s proprietary FlexColor or Phocus software.

FlexColor and Phocus provide a number of quality parameters not attainable from third party software, among them: digital lens corrections, Moiré removal, color handling, and noise reduction, according to Hasselblad.

A beta version of Phocus is now available for demonstration purposes and may be downloaded by anyone interested in trying the software.

[Site: Hasselblad.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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