Won’t hot lights melt a foamcore softbox?

Josh wrote:


I have been looking for an inexpensive lighting solution. I came across an article demonstrating the use of 500 watt work lights, adding barn doors, and using them for DV lighting. I have modified a few of them now, and seem to be getting great results (haven’t put them to the true test yet) Before this next shoot I also wanted to put a soft box on them & see if it works.

So this question really is directed at the Softbox article I found on this site:

With lights as powerful as 500 watts, isn’t the tape going to melt? and the foam core catch on fire? (friend of mine had a pro chimera that lite on fire)

Also I am trying to locate some of that Nylon Diffuser Material, know a good web site for ordering? is there a common application where I might adapt the material from?

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