Wireless Power: eCoupled to Debut at CES 2007

eCoupled to Debut at CES 2007

Electricity without wires? Nirvana!

But that’s exactly what eCoupled will promise when it debuts just a little over a week from now at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. eCoupled technology is powering a new ecosystem of consumer devices that can be powered and charged without wires. This is a joint venture of Fulton Innovation, Visteon, Motorola, Herman Miller and Mobility Electronics.

The new technology works by using inductive coupling, a method by which energy is transferred from one device to another through a shared magnetic field. It’s an old idea from Michael Faraday and Nikola Tesla, considered to be the fathers of consumer electricity, but perfected in the present day by the eCoupled consortium.

The clever trick to perfect the technology is a “resonance-seeking circuitry that dynamically seeks and optimizes power transfer under multiple, varying load conditions and spatial configurations.”

Whatever. For you and I, it only means that a truly wireless world is upon us. The day when we can transmit power and data without wires is at hand.

[Via: PiranhaDailyNews.com]

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