What, No Pentax 645 Digital Pro SLR?

Pentax 645 Digital

It appears that Pentax has shelved its planned production of the professional level 645 Digital SLR which was touted to carry 18- or 31.6-megapixel Kodak sensor and be compatible with existing Pentax SMC 645 lenses.

The Japanese newspaper Nikkei reports that Pentax plans to “abandon the development of medium format single-lens reflex cameras designed for professional photographers and specialize in digital SLR offerings for new and intermediate users.”

Kyodo News also reported the same bit of news, quoting an unnamed Pentax official who said the company is “also considering ending the development of digital SLR cameras, designed for professional photographers. It will instead focus on developing new digital cameras for general consumers.”

Might as well. By concentrating on sure sellers like the K10D and K100D right now, Pentax just might continue its financial recovery. Its moves to consolidate its resources are already showing positive growth for the company.

[Via: AmateurPhotographer.co.uk]

Published by Chris Malinao

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