Vet and Croc Now Both Doing Fine After Horrific Incident

Crocodile with severed arm of vet in mouth

You must have been horrified to see this footage in the news last week, a big zoo crocodile bit off a veterinarian’s arms. Luckily, Taiwanese doctors know a thing or two about stitching back a severed limb. So, Veterinarian Chang Po-Yu can now smile to the cameras to assure us that he’s fine, thank you.

Veterinarian Chang Po-yu smiling in hospital

And so is the crocodile, we’re told. The two-ton Nile croc is recovering too after having been deprived of what he mistook as his lunch.

But oh, the power of that image lingers. There it was on prime time news, people rushing to save Vet Chang, his left arm in the mouth of the huge reptile. Just horrific.

This is the other side of the adage, “a picture paints a thousand words.”

[Via: The National Geographic]
Photos: Steve Chen/AP Photo

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