Vanguard UK Rolls Out Semi-Spherical ABH Ball Heads

Vanguard UK Rolls Out Semi-Spherical ABH Ball Heads

A new range of semi-elliptical, heavy-duty ball heads that automatically adjust and increase tension to handle off-centre load is now available from Vanguard UK.

The ABH Series of semi-elliptical ball heads feature Vanguard’s patented Combination-Friction Forces Control feature enables extreme tension and friction control via an ergonomic grooved dial located on the main adjustment knob. Both are independently adjustable but positioned side-by-side on the same axis for convenient fine-tuning. This combination of precise tension and friction forces control is meant to increase the strength to provide outstanding security.

The new ABH series ball heads offer maximum load capacities of 20-40kg, and are priced from $199 to $299.

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