Update: Sigma SD14 DSLR

Sigma SD14 Logo

Sigma Corp. first unveiled its SD14 digital SLR camera at the Photokina 2006 in Cologne, Germany, where it impressed the crowd with its new Foveon X3 imaging sensor.

Unlike the CCD or the CMOS sensor, the Foveon X3 sensor features a unique three-layered pixel configuration – one layer each for Red, Green and Blue light rays – which Sigma claims efficiently reproduces color more accurately, and offers sharper resolution, pixel for pixel, than any conventional image sensor.

Foveon X3 illustration

In short, Sigma SD14 promises much more details, higher tonal quality and an even greater dynamic range in pictures with an astonishingly vivid look and feel beyond that which you’d expect from the already impressive pixel count.

If that’s promising much, its price also says much: $2,000 (£1,099) for the body alone. The Sigma SD14 will hit store shelves just before Christmas.

Sigma SD 14 DSLR

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