Toshiba Makes 100GB 1.8-Inch HDD

Toshiba 100GB 1.8-Inch HDD

Toshiba Corp. today announced a 1.8-inch hard disk drive that packs 100GB. With this, Toshiba claims to have the industry’s largest commercially available capacity in a 1.8-inch hard disk drive.

The tiny hard disk, labeled MK1011GAH, has two mini-platters and 4 heads in a 54 x 71 x 8mm package that weighs only 59g. It has a seek time of 15ms, data transfer rate of 100MBps and rotational speed of 4200 RPM.

The best part is it consumes only 0.003 Watt per GB, an energy consumption efficiency that complies with Japan’s energy conservation law.

Toshiba said the new HDD meets the needs for enhanced, lightweight storage capacities and will support the development of future generations of smaller, lighter, more powerful mobile PC. In the personal digital media market, the new drive’s unrivaled capacity will support storage of multiple data sources, including home video and movies, and will bring users improved functionality.

[Site: ToshibaCorp]

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