Toshiba Announces 160GB 1.8-Inch HDD

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Toshiba 160GB & 80GB 1.8-inch HDD

These are the latest hard disk drives from Toshiba; that’s a 1.8-inch HDD on the left with a storage capacity of 160GB, the other one is the thinner 80GB HDD shown beside a penlight battery for size reference.

Both drives are designed for mobile devices, such as portable media players, UMPCs, camcorders and photo storage devices. The new drives employ an improved read-write head and enhanced magnetic layer that boost recording density, and achieve an areal density of 353 mega-bit per square millimeters (228 gigabits per square inches).

Toshiba will display the new drives at DISKCON USA 2007 in Santa Clara, CA September 19-20.

[Via: Business Wire]

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