The General Electric G1 Digital Camera Sucks

General Electric G1 Digital Camera

I’ll just help to spread the word here that if you’re looking for a stylish compact, skip the General Electric G1; it’s got the looks alright, but not the image quality. Its battery sucks too. examined the GE G1 and found a number of flaws in the camera, worst among those of course is the inconsistent photo quality and mediocre snapshots that make you wish you hadn’t bought its seductive form.

It also takes the G1 3.2 seconds from power on to first shot, while its shutter lag – 0.7 second under best conditions and 1.7 seconds in low-contrast lighting–are below average. Worse, the camera’s 3.4-second interval between shots, which rises to 4 seconds with flash, is unacceptably long, according to CNET editor Lori Grunin.

The G1’s one saving grace is its face detection autofocus, which works quite well, but Lori doesn’t like its creepy icon obscuring the faces it doesn’t detect.

Maybe the $200 stylish camera can serve as a very attractive paper weight?

[Via: CNET]

Published by Chris Malinao

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