Texas Instruments Demos DLP Pico-Projector Technology for Mobile Devices

Texas Instruments DLP Pico-Projector Prototype

At the CTIA Wireless convention (March 27-29) in Orlando, FL, Texas Instruments is demonstrating a very tiny projector small enough to fit on your fingertips but strong enough to project images about the size of a sheet of paper (8.5 x 11 inches).

It’s called the DLP (digital light processing) pico-projector and it’s intended to be used in digital cameras, mobile phones, media players and even as tiny stand-alone projectors.

The DLP projector being demonstrated showed a resolution of 640 x 240 pixels (HVGA), twice the resolution of a typical mobile phone screen. It contains three lasers, a DLP chip and a power supply and measures about 1.5-inches in length. A mobile phone equipped with the projector can beam DVD-quality video onto a screen or a wall; the chip inside the phone has the potential to drive even larger images.

TI, of course, is not alone in this kind of endeavor. Last January, we featured a report on Microvision’s IPM (integrated photonics module) that can project images from a mobile phone.

[Site: DLP.com]

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