Sony’s First DSLR: The Alpha 100

Sony Alpha 100 DSLR

While Sony has long been making excellent digital cameras for many years now, they haven’t had a digital SLR in their line-up. But after taking over Konica Minolta’s camera division recently, Sony has finally thrown their hat into the lucrative DSLR ring with the Alpha 100.

The Alpha 100 resembles Konica Minolta’s DiMAGE 5D, but offers more. Its high light sensitivity of up to ISO 1600 and its Super SteadyShot image stablization promise superb photographs even in low light or fast action.

It is also the only D-SLR camera that can optimize dynamic range, meaning the range from highlights to shadows, including gain and contrast, through in-camera hardware processing. This is done by Sony’s Dynamic Range Optimizer (DRO), which analyzes the captured image data and instantly determines the best exposure and color tonality of an image before JPEG compression.

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