Sony Slips Details of New A700 DSLR!

The DSLR wars are on fire!

The web is afire with rumors and details of a new Sony DSLR that reportedly will place it in direct competition with the Nikon D300 and the Canon 40D. In the wait for a more professional body Sony Alpha users will be delighted by the upcoming Sony A700! states… “Yup, Sony’s Advanced Amateur DSLR is definitely called the a700, and we’ve definitely got all the specs for you, courtesy of a just-posted Sony UK flash mini-site — which suddenly went down, so these details are all from memory. We’re talking about a 12.4 megapixel CMOS sensor backed by a BIONZ image processor, 3-inch, 921,000 pixel LCD, 3200 maximum ISO (with a ridiculous ISO 6400 “expanded mode”), 11 point autofocus, and wireless flash support. Furthermore, the Super SteadyShot and anti-dust features seem to have been given a boost over those found in the a100, MemorySticks now have their own dedicated slot next to their CF brethren, portrait grip is now possible, and while other metrics have also improved, you’ll be paying for it in the form of almost 100 fewer shots on a full battery. No price or release date have been given, of course, but maybe we can get a little more info from Sony now that the cat’s out of the bag.”

Other sites hint that it will be priced below the $1800 Nikon D300 and the $1399 Canon 40D and a healthy 5.5fps burst rate till the card fills in JPEG and 25 frames in RAW. A Vertical Grip will be available with dual battery with a new larger capacity battery. Although many people expected it to have the feature but liveview has not been confirmed as a feature. Other reports across the web indicate that Sony temporarily had a microsite online about the new camera but was shut down in an hour.

One thing of note, would the impact of another capable camera on the market help stem a price drop for the Canon 40D? Maybe. Its exactly what happened in 2006 when the Sony Alpha A100 hit shelves, Canon reduced the price of the Rebel XTI by $100. Consumers, get ready to reap the rewards of competition!

New Sony Alpha A700

This image was leaked from the French Press Announcement earlier today! From what I see, yes, thats dual memory card slots, a 3″ LCD, a joystick dial to travel menues and a much more professional body thats also reported to be weather sealed.

Engadget Report

See a video leak from Sony of the new Alpha A700!

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