Seitz Launches Roundshot D2x, D2xs Panorama Cameras

Roundshot D2x Panorama Camera

Seitz has announced the new Roundshot D2x, a 360-degree panorama camera featuring a 2,048 pixel vertical resolution. Seitz said this camera can capture 2x full HD panoramas at a fast speed, ideal for nature photography and virtual tours.

Nikkor lenses of any focal length can be attached to the camera, both fisheye and standard Nikkor lenses. The aperture of automatic DX lenses can be controlled with the Seitz f-stop lever.

The D2x can create a panoramic image is seconds, and this images can then be downloaded to the PC via Ethernet.

A faster version of the camera, the Roundshot D2xs, can transfer the panoramic images via the PC Ethernet, 1GB on the D2xs against 100MB on the D2x.

[Site: Roundshot]

Published by Chris Malinao

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