Samsung Rolls Out 2TB STORY Station Plus External Drive

Samsung 2TB STORY Station Plus External Drive

Korea’s Samsung has launched the STORY Station Plus, a new line-up of 3.5-inch external hard drives featuring an external serial ATA (eSATA) interface to allow faster data transfers. The 3.0-gigabit per second (Gbps), high-performance drives are available in up to 2-terabyte (TB) capacities.

“Samsung new line of high-density solutions with the eSATA interface give users the speed they need for demanding tasks like photo and video editing, plus safely storing multimedia content libraries,” said H.S. Lee, vice president, storage marketing, Samsung Electronics. “The 2TB density STORY Station Plus drive can store the data equivalent of 500,000 MP3 music files, 560,000 digital photo images, or 880 hours of high resolution video.”

While eSATA is the main feature of the new drive, USB 2-0 is still there for those who want to use it. The 2TB STORY Station Plus will hit the market this week with an MSRP of $299.

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