Samsung NV10: Style Over Substance?

Samsung NV10

Jeff Keller of the Digital Camera Resource Page (DCRP) has put his hands on Samsung’s stylish NV10 compact camera and came up with a mixed bag of findings. Keller says Samsung got some hits and some misses with the NV10.

Back View GUI

The pluses: it’s a very well built and very stylish compact with a large high-res 2.5” LCD, a unique user GUI that looks cool but takes some getting used to, and some fun special effects & plenty of scene modes.

The minuses: images are noisy with some corner blurring and purple fringing, redeye problem, flaky user interface although it looks cool, poor battery life and a lousy manual, among other things.

NV10 in Hand

In sum, Keller says that while the NV10 is an interesting camera with some nice features, its photo quality is lacking compared to other cameras in its class.

Come on, Jeff, I looked at the photos you took with the NV10 and those are lovely pictures. I’m not a pro, just a fashion-conscious point-and-shooter who wants good snapshots; and I like the NV10’s retro look. Even DPreview says the NV10 camera would sell by the boatload if it had a Canon or Nikon badge on it.

NV10 Photo

[Via: DCRPreview]

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