Rocky Nook Releases “Managing Your Photographic Workflow with Photoshop Lightroom” by Steinmüller & Gulbins

Managing Your Photographic Workflow with Photoshop Lightroom by Steinmüller & Gulbins

The newest book from Rocky Nook is Managing Your Photographic Workflow with Photoshop Lightroom by Jürgen Gulbins and Uwe Steinmüller.

It guides the new user through Photoshop Lightroom 1.2, which has more power under the hood than the previous versions, and a little more complexity than one would expect from its fairly straightforward user interface.

With easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and full-color illustrations, the authors demonstrate how to use Lightroom to build an efficient photographic workflow. This workflow spans from importing and organizing images, through the development and editing phases, all the way to building presentations for the web and in slideshows; and finally, to the ultimate product—the fine art print on paper.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom includes a new generation of software tools for digital photographic post-processing giving photographers the vast majority of the tools they need all in one place and providing new and easier to use tools for managing and processing images. The new book by Gulbins and Steinmüller is the book that will teach you to use Lightroom to its full potential.

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Published by Chris Malinao

Chris teaches Lightroom as workflow software to photography students at the FPPF, Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation. He also teaches smartphone photography.