Ricoh GR Digital II Firmware v2.10 Now Available

Ricoh GR Digital II Camera

The latest firmware for the Ricoh GR Digital II camera is now available for download from the Ricoh site.

Firmware Version 2.10 adds 8 enhancements to the camera:

1. [Correcting the White Balance in Shooting Mode]
You can set the white balance correction manually in the shooting mode.

2. [Correcting the White Balance in Playback Mode]
You can compensate the white balance in a captured image manually.

3. [WB Correct] for [ADJ Lever Set. 1/2/3/4] and [Function Button]
You can register the [WB Correct] in an ADJ lever setting and the Fn button.

4. [Detailed Information Display in Playback Mode]
You can see the WB comp. value and the image setting value in the display.

5. [Auto Aperture Shift] in Aperture Priority Mode
You can have the Auto Aperture shift feature in the A mode.

6. [Image Noise Reduction]
You can choose a noise reduction option depending on the ISO sensitivity.

7. [ISO Sensitivity Display]
The ISO sensitivity is displayed at your half-pressing the shutter release button, when you set [AUTO] or [AUTO-Hi] in the ISO sensitivity.

8. Modified the following phenomenon:
With the [AutoRotate] enabled (ON), if a playback image is rotated and make enlarged, a histogram in the display may not appear properly.

Firmware 2.10 is available for Windows and Mac versions at the link below.

[Site: Ricoh]

Published by Chris Malinao

Chris teaches Lightroom as workflow software to photography students at the FPPF, Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation. He also teaches smartphone photography.